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About Rim Bidet

    Any toilet can serve as Bidet, Kit is easy to install and convenient to use
    Easy to install and to remove and reinstall in new location - See video for details
    High quality heavy duty product with elegant chrome finish and innovative Canadian design including braided hoses (no plastic)
    Water Spray Arm swings out when to be used as a Bidet and swings away for normal toilet functions
    Water pressure can be set to your comfort
    Bracket to attach to toilet has 2 bolts for sturdiness (unlike other models)
    Save money by using less toilet paper and reducing toilet clogs
    Economically priced
    Water supply valve to the toilet can be from the floor or from wall
    Only braided hoses and brass cast parts are used (no plastic parts - unlike other products)
    Sturdy construction results in years of reliability and durability
    No electricity needed
    No plastic parts, unlike cheaper imitation products that could result in a pipe bursting and flooding damage.  Rim Bidet has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and 1 year warranty unlike other products.
    Operates like an ordinary faucet, utilizing both hot and cold water - you regulate both the temperature and pressure to your liking
    Rim Bidet is portable - if you are renting, use it and if you move, take it with you!!!
    Only bidet unit where swing arm/nozzle goes up with the toilet seat!

Watch the video and see the excellent quality that Rim Bidet offers!!!

    Unique design optimizes feminine hygiene due to ability to rotate spray nozzle
    Very simple and easy to use
    Children, Adults and Seniors
    Physically Challenged and Handicapped
    Recovering patients
    Adjustable water pressure and temperature to your comfort level
    Homes, Condominiums and Apartments
    Senior Homes, Day Care Centres, Nursing and Long-Term Care
    Hospitals and Clinics
    Commercial Units, Offices, Retailers
    Gas Stations, Malls, Restaurants and Hotels
    Rural homes with Septic Tanks, Motor Home, RV and Boats
    Very high quality at a reasonable price!
    Reliability you can trust!!!
    Rim Bidet is loved by plumbers, engineers, doctors, nurses, therapists, real estate agents, teachers etc.
    Environmentally friendly - save trees by using less toilet paper

Use it once.  You will love it!  You will never go without it!

To Order Your Rim Bidet - Click Here!!!

Read about the Unique High Quality Design of Rim Bidet Below!!!

Dare to compare with the Competition!!!  Rim Bidet wins hands down!!!
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Beware of Cheaply Made Plastic Bidet Units!!!
One crack in a plastic unit can cause thousands of $$$$

About us

Rim Bidet is the only bidet worldwide that can be used as a medical device.  Many doctors, after using the Rim Bidet have indicated this to us and recommended to their patients. Rim Bidet has fully adjustable spray head location (moves from rear to front locations and stores under the toilet seat when not in use).

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Call Now! (Toll Free) 1 (888) 539-6666
Canada: 1 905 984 6355
Tehran: 21 82802327


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